About tranzform

Uncertainty is the new norm. Fast-paced environmental and attending social change are creating massive disruptions in both organizations and in peoples’ lives

Mission Statement

To deliver state-of-the-art consultation, facilitation and skills training which encourage employees to embrace change, with the  knowledge, gumption and adaptation skills for identifying and solving problems in ways that build new practices and situation specific solutions unique to the needs of each organization.

tranzform partners:|

  • believe innovation and adaptability are best driven from the bottom-up
  • assist organizations create separation from business-as-usual environments to learning cultures
  • achieve measurable results by solving situation-specific problems and quantifying the results

Shifting to Designed and Sustainable Futures

Associations of people at the neighborhood, organization and industrial sector levels can produce incredible results

We believe the desire to cooperate is innate. People like to story tell, generate new conversations and advocate Where there is relationship and  shared purpose  people are willing to trade off personal agendas for the common good.

Transformation begins by declaring a different future. It brings hopes and dreams into reality.  

A well-designed transformation strategy generates and sustains alignment and connectivity with a  plan to rip the organization off the business-as-usual drift towards the declared future state.

A well-designed transformation plan masters communication and plans-in-action generating ‘ah ha’ moments of self-discovery which resonate and stick with people.


  • Researches and publishes transformative content
  • Connects people through social media, articles, publications, case studies, blog submissions
  • Generates social cohesion that promotes participation in organizations and communities
  • Connects people to people and business to business with shared concerns, and
  • Creates communities with high levels of awareness and presence