About tranzform

Uncertainty is the new norm. Fast-paced environmental and attending social change are creating massive disruptions in both organizations and in peoples’ lives.

The Primary of the Whole

The primary of the whole suggests that relationships are, in a genuine sense, more fundamental than things, and that wholes are primordial to parts. We do not have to create interrelatedness. The world is already interrelated. 

In the West, we tend to think the opposite. We tend to assume that parts are primary, existing somehow independent of the wholes within which they are constituted. In fact, how we define ‘parts’ is highly subjective, a matter of perspective and purpose. There is intrinsic set of categories, no innate way to define elements that is built into the nature of the “real thing” we are looking at.”

Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline Field Book, p.25

Mission Statement

To help organizations and people adapt to the fast-paced change in a post-industrial age environment with consultation, facilitation, awareness/education and skills development training from like-minded subject matter specialists


  • Researches and publishes transformative content
  • A platform for transformative online training courseware
  • Connects people through social media, articles, publications, case studies, blog submissions
  • Generates social cohesion that promotes interdisciplinary participation in organizations and communities
  • Connects people to people and business to business who have shared concerns, and
  • Creates communities with high levels of awareness and presence