tranzform-security was set up by the ATRiM Group as a forum for like-minded security professionals applying prevention science to terror and other crime threats.

We recognize critical infrastructures are dynamic, non-linear, complex systems. They are defined as “processes, systems, facilities, technologies, networks, assets and services essential to the health, safety, security and economic well-being of people and the effective functioning of government.”

What We Do

The ATRiM Group begins with external and internal risk assessment. We asses vulnerability to external attacks ranging at high end post from acts of terror to the more granular level of false personation and identity fraud. Internally, we assess for environmental conditions increasing the risks posed by employees including occupational fraud, theft, corruption, workplace sabotage and workplace violence (i.e. active shooters).  We collaborate with specialized subject matter experts to offer a balanced approach to security. We combine advances in technology with human-centered solutions in a more congruent holistic approach which explores the relationships between things in order to meet 21st Century security needs. We transfer know how through planning-in-action workshops with employees dealing with real-world problems, and in way our clients become more adaptive and less reactionary.

We build on conventional security wisdom and practice, adding the next generation of strategies based in prevention science. We keep informed, and our clients informed, on heuristic bias in decision making, risk-as-feeling, and how affect (emotions) influence perception, human intuition and judgement. We augment existing security with behavioral insights, 2nd Generation Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and technology to improve existing security strategy and practices. 

Types of Threats We Help Mitigate

  • acts of terror
  • impersonation and fraud using ID and other false documentation
  • fraud attacks to registration and payment systems
  • occupational fraud/theft
  • corruption
  • workplace sabotage, and
  • workplace violence
  • school violence
  • neighborhood violence