tranzform-security is hosted by the ATRiM Group. It is a ‘commons’ – a unique place – for like-minded security professionals to discuss and implement security learning cultures. All consultants pursuing transformational security practice for the 21st Century are welcome participate.


What the ATRiM Group does

The ATRiM Group is primarily a terror and other crime threat risk assessment service for critical infrastructure. It is the only known of its kind that is based in prevention science. “Other crimes” include the endogenous [inside the system] threats such as occupational fraud, theft, corruption, workplace sabotage and workplace violence.

Our tools include 2nd Generation Crime Prevention through Environmental Design [Saville & Cleveland] and other prevention science strategies drawn fromĀ  science [psychology, neuroscience, social physics, human evolutionary biology etc.].

As prevention science practitioners, we strive to keep current with science and to introduce it to critical infrastructure security in practical, meaningful ways.


Examples of the Threats

  • acts of terror
  • impersonation and fraud using ID and other false documentation
  • fraud attacks to registration and payment systems
  • occupational fraud/theft
  • corruption
  • workplace sabotage, and
  • workplace violence
  • school violence
  • neighborhood violenceĀ