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The  ATRiM Group and CFiL Global Partnership

The ATRiM Group is as a Canadian/American terror and other crime threat risk assessment service for critical infrastructure. It is the only of its kind based in prevention science. CFiL Global is a United Kingdom consultancy and training service with security knowledge and experience. CFiL Global believes organizations are complex systems, applying a human-centric approach to programs with empower and promote loyalty and responsibility. We partner to collaboratively think about security problems in terms of exogenous [outside the system] threats such as acts of terror, and endogenous [inside the system] threats such as occupational fraud, theft, corruption, workplace sabotage and workplace violence.

These challenges cannot neatly be placed in silos. “Transformative” security practice (TSP) is getting to understand the relationship between the parts in an organization. It is about the right people, using the right technology at the right time

As prevention science practitioners, we strive to keep current with science and to introduce this science to critical infrastructure in practical, meaningful ways

Examples of “Other” Threats

  • impersonation and fraud using ID and other false documentation
  • misuse, abuse and fraud attacks to health care registration and payment systems
  • fraudulently automobile injury insurance claims
  • occupational fraud/theft
  • corruption
  • workplace sabotage
  • workplace and school violence