transformative security practice:  An idea for this time created by the ATRiM Group and CFiL Global


The ATRiM Group is as a terror and other crime threat risk assessment service for critical infrastructure. It is the only one of its kind based in prevention science. CFiL Global is a United Kingdom education consultancy inspiring and empowering loyalty and responsibility in organizations.


  • is a platform creating a “security commons” between like-minded professionals and practitioners discussing and cooperating on the implementation of security learning cultures
  • views critical infrastructure as complex systems, in the way biologist view the natural world and quantum physicists and chaos mathematicians view the workings of the universe
  • partners with other security subject matter consultants who share this mindset and are committed to discovery
  • explores security challenges in two broad, inter-related domains: i)  outside the system attacks from acts of terror and by predators committing crimes, and  ii) inside the system threats posed by occupational fraud, theft, corruption, workplace sabotage and workplace violence, and
  • applies systems thinking as the primary tool to discover and implement 21st Century security solutions

As prevention science practitioners, we strive to be current with science and to apply it in practitioner-based, adult learning environments. We introduce this science to critical infrastructure in practical, meaningful ways working on real-world problems.

We do not believe security challenges can be conveniently broken down into silos. Therefore, we strive to understand the relationship between the parts of an organization.

We believe good security is about the right people, using the right technology, at the right time