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About tranzform security

transformative security practice:

An idea for this time created by the ATRiM Group and CFiL Global

About tranzform-security:

    • a platform for creating a “security commons” for like-minded professionals and practitioners to discuss and cooperate on implementation of security learning cultures
    • an idea which views critical infrastructure as complex systems, applying new science rules
    • a commitment to partnership with other security subject matter consultants who share this world view
    • explores security challenges in two broad, inter-related domains:

i)  outside the system attacks from acts of terror and by predators committing other types of crimes, and

ii) inside the system threats posed by occupational fraud, theft, corruption, workplace sabotage and workplace violence

    • the application of systems thinking as the primary tool to discover and implement 21st Century security solutions

“A company is not a machine but a living organism and, much like an individual, it can have a collective sense of identity and fundamental purpose.”

Ikuriro Nonaka, The Knowledge Creating Company, Harvard Business Review, Dec. 1991, p.313

The primacy of the whole suggests that relationships are, in a genuine sense, more fundamental than things, and the wholes are primordial to parts. We do not have to create inter-relatedness. The whole world [and universe] is already interrelated.” 

In the West, we tend to think the opposite, existing somewhere independent of the wholes within which they are constituted.  In fact, how we define ‘parts’ is highly subjective, a matter of perspective and purpose. There is no intrinsic set of categories, no innate ways to define elements that is built in the nature of the  ‘real thing’ we are looking at.   


  • Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, 1994, p.25

A Commitment to Prevention Science

As prevention science practitioners, we strive to stay current with science, and to apply it in practitioner-based, adult learning environments that make business sense for critical infrastructure.

We do not believe security challenges can be broken down into silos without a compromise of the security integrity. Therefore, we strive to understand the relationship between the parts of an organization and how each effects and affects security.

We believe good security is about the right people, using the right technology, at the right time

Tools of Transformative Practices:

Definition of ‘Transformative’ – causing a marked change in someone or something

Appreciative Inquiry:

Engaging employees in learning networks  

Systems thinking: 

Analysis that focuses on the inter-relatedness between the parts


A process for learning by doing and declaring and managing breakdowns when they happen to lead to new possibilities


Putting the right technology, in the right hands, of the right people, at the right time

Training and development: 

Adult education and skills development techniques creating self-aware, self-directed learners


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