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Level 1 Emotional Intelligence Skills Mastery Course

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Level 1 Emotional Intelligence and Implicit Bias Mastery Course


This course offers professional development training and assessment tools which improves participants’ skills in emotional intelligence – SQ – competencies. These competencies include enhanced listening skills, self-awareness, conflict management, and self-control.  Clients with enhanced EQ in their organization are more successful in helping employees stay aware while performing repetitive tasks, attaining more accurate  perception of events happening in front of them, affecting better judgments and enhancing complex decision-making when under stress

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is for supervisors of front-line employees, internal inquiries officers and claims investigators

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence began as a new psychology of personal development in the late 1980s. It has since evolved into influential self-management, leadership, and conflict resolution strategies that provide a powerful method for enhancing personal and professional success. Our innovative Level 1 training is an introduction to the field and provides the building blocks for improving emotional intelligence competencies. This two-day training, which can run over a full weekend, is intensive, hands-on, and will revolutionize employee’s performance and life-skills

Participants learn:

  • How the science of EQ works
  • The powerful role of EQ in decisions and problem-solving
  • How to assess your self-awareness and daily listening skills
  • How to better read others in social situations and watch for behavioral cues
  • Tactics and strategies to enhance your EQ
  • Resolving conflict and influencing change

Type:                                    Personal Growth
Duration:                            2 days
Location:                            120 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON
Next Date:                          TBD
Cost per Participant:       $495.00

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Your instructor

Gregory Saville is a criminologist and professional educator with years of emotional intelligence and meditation training experience. He has taught EQ to leaders; practitioners in a wide range of professions including police officers, military officials, educators and trainers; and front-line personnel around the world. Course participants have led organizations in many different professions from dynamic corporations to government, often working in high stress environments while launching innovative cutting-edge technologies to tackling disorder in high crime, gang neighborhoods

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