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tranzform is a not-for-profit platform for leaders, teams and stakeholders to exchange ideas, to transfer knowledge and to develop skills which will bring about fundamental shifts of value, culture, and practice for sustaining competitiveness in your economic sector.

Our aim to to help organizations solve problems.

Our tools

  1. Search Conferencing:  For creating alignment and engagement supporting change management
  2. Action Planning Research: For working through complex on-the-job initiatives
  3. Technology:  For evidence-based decision making 
  4. Training and development: Adult education pedagogy creating self-directed through our learning management system (LMS) where independent, like minded,  practitioner-based researchers and consultants post courses and other educational material
  5. Complex system thinking:  Implementing a learning culture 

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Featured Post:
What You Should Know About Means of Identification
Since the mid 1990s media attention is drawn to “identity theft” and what consumers can do to prevent victimization. The truth is, not very much. It is rare that a clear distinction is drawn between theft (the supply) and unlawful use (the demand) for personal information. A lack of clarity at times creates confusion and underachieving counter strategies…[ Read the article here. ]

AdvanceGuard Frontline and professional level training is are offered online by AllterNation LLC through  tranzform for employees at critical infrastructure and independent professionals depending on identification and other types of documents to presented by people to make judgments and business decisions. Similar training is offered to uniform police and military security through Florida based St. Petersburg College, Center for Public Safety and Innovation Flordia…[ Learn more about tranzform-security ]

Featured Contributor:
John Lyons,
 an Associate at AlterNation LLC, is a consultant and trainer on identifying and mitigating terror and other crime threats posed to critical infrastructure from dependency on ID and other documents to make business  judgments and complex decisions. His other areas of interest and research included threats posed  by occupational fraud/theft and corruption, property and casualty insurance fraud, health care insurance fraud, workplace sabotage and workplace violence….
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