Welcome to tranzform

tranzform is a not-for-profit learning management system platform for consultants, educators and trainers offering online training services and consulting which help clients adjust to a future not as yet clearly defined.

It is difficult for business leaders to keep on top of new science and technology and to quantify it’s application in a meaningful, cost effective ways.

Our like-minded team from a range of niche subject matter expertise collaborate and package this knowledge into holistic, practical models and ways to merge science with today’s business realities.

Our tools

  1. Search Conferences creating shared purpose, alignment and engagement for bringing about change;
  2. Technologies, and prevention science for making evidence-based decisions;  
  3. Training and development which combines online transfer of knowledge with advanced workshops to hone skills;
  4. Complex system thinking, action planning and problem solving

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What You Should Know About Your Dependency on Identification
Since the mid 1990s media attention is drawn to “identity theft” and what consumers can do to prevent victimization. North American identity theft pundits rarely draw clear distinction between theft (the supply) and unlawful use (the demand) for… [ Read the article here. ]

AdvanceGuard Information Gathering©  and AdvanceGuard Reliability Assessment©
Online training for front-line employees requiring full disclosure, and who must rely on ID and other documents to affirm the reliability of what people are telling them…
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Featured Contributor:
John Lyons, Partner ATRiM Consulting
John Lyons is a partner in the ATRiM Group, a consulting firm identifying and mitigating terror and other crime threats posed to critical infrastructure….
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