Welcome to tranzform


tranzform is a ‘not-for-profit, landing page for leaders, stakeholders and teams to exchange ideas, develop skills and to transfer knowledge for bringing about fundamental shifts of value, culture, and practice in organizations to meet fast-paced change.


A network of like-minded consultants that can be trusted to help with the complexity of the multi human-centered and technological systems which, in aggregate, are the quintessence of a robust, adaptive organization.

“A company is not a machine but a living organism, and, much like an individual, it can have a collective sense of identity and fundamental purpose.”

Ikujiro Nonaka, The Knowledge Creating Company, Harvard Business Review Dec. 1991, p. 313

Tools of  a Transformative Practice:

Search Conference:

Generating shared  vision of the future-state, purpose and transformative values contributed from all levels of the organization, with relations and plan to move forward


A reflective, adaptive process in problem-solving teams


Putting technology in the right hands, at the right time, for the right purpose  

Training and development: 

Adult education pedagogy for creating self-aware, self-directed learners

Complex system thinking: 

Avoiding the perspective of organizations as things, and more as patterns of human and technological interaction