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tranzform is a ‘not-for-profit,  education and consultancy for exchanging ideas,  transferring know-how, and developing skills for bringing about fundamental shifts of culture and practice meeting today’s faced-paced, change environments.


A network of like-minded, cooperating consultants, researchers and practitioners introducing system’s thinking (learning cultures) in order to meet the today’s challenges faced by business and government.

“A company is not a machine but a living organism, and, much like an individual, it can have a collective sense of identity and fundamental purpose.”

Ikuriro Nonaka, The Knowledge Creating Company, Harvard Business Review, Dec. 1991, p.313

The primacy of the whole suggests that relationships are, in a genuine sense, more fundamental than things, and the wholes are primordial to parts. We do not have to create interrelatedness. The whole world [and universe] is already interrelated.”

Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, 1994, p.25

Tools of Transformative Practices:

‘Transformative’ – causing a marked change in someone or something

Appreciative Inquiry:

Engaging employees in learning networks  

Systems thinking: 

Analysis that focuses on the inter-relatedness between the parts 


A process for declaring and managing breakdowns leading to new discoveries, with an implementation plan


Putting the right technology, in the right hands, at the right time  

Training and development: 

Adult education techniques for creating self-aware, self-directed learners