Goldmark Security Consulting

Toronto, Canada

Goldmark is a select team of independent security professionals and IAPSC members who believe that the best security strategy  for business success starts with an unbiased conversation and doing things right. Goldmark’s goal is to provide an unbiased security advise and cost-effective solutions to our client’s specific security needs; and addressing the technology and governance risks of IT, OT and Physical Security which are usually overlooked. Goldmark’s core values are to practice honesty, pursue excellence and foster education, up-to-date training, expertise and modern technology, to provide our clients with the best security advise and solutions to their current and future security needs.

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Vigilant Systems Group

Newport, New Hampshire

Critical Infrastructure Facility Protection – Insurance/Benefit Fraud – School Violence

The Vigilant Systems Group offers solutions in four specific security domains:

  • Situational Intelligence drawing on open source intelligence/social media monitoring tools
  • Rapid Response off-grid emergency communications solutions
  • Improved life safety with enhanced notification, communication and response
  • Community resilience technologies integrating critical communications, networks, and data


Denver, Colorado

Inspiring Health, Crime Free Neighborhoods

SafeGrowth® advocates do not represent any single institution or business. They come from many different organizations – non-profits, for-profit companies, government, non-government, police, and academia. They share a common vision and purpose.

Advocates create safer, more vibrant, and livable neighborhoods with the practices and principles of 2nd Generation Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design developed by urban planner/criminologist Gregory Saville and educator/lawyer Gerald Cleveland.

As a world-scale organization, they are applying SafeGrowth® in neighborhoods with remarkable public safety results.

Link to the SafeGrowth Website

CFiL Global

United Kingdom

CFiL Global is a consultancy  delivering innovative professional development programs, bespoke systems and practical solutions that promote positive attitude and systems thinking for security.  CFiL Global possesses cross-sector industry knowledge and experience in step with the fast pace of change and innovation in business systems, methodology and practice. CFiL global believes organizations are complex systems, applying a human centric approach to programs with empower and promote loyalty and responsibility.

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The MetaCenter

Vancouver, British Columbia

Advancing Ethical Practice in Investigative Interviewing

Advancing the PEACE model, the MetaCenter trains regulatory, corporate, and security personnel in investigative interviewing and statement content analysis techniques. The MetaCenter researches and implements training which factors the influence of affect (emotions) in nonverbal behavior. Cognizant of individual rights and corporate policies, MetaCentre teaches ethical and legally sound procedures.

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