Welcome to the Public Awareness and Education landing page. 

This landing page facilitates access to information everyone considering ATRiM Group consulting and training should have in making their decision whether to do business with us:

PEd1 _ Threats Posed by ID/Other Documents

This slide presentation tells the story of identification and other documents we rely on to do business with people we don’t personally know.  You will learn the risks of accepting the security trade-offs made by identification and other document issuers.

      To view PEd1, click on this link:  Threats Posed by ID/Other Documents and follow the instructions.

PEd2 _ IQ/SQ The Two Intelligences . 

Psychologists and neuroscientists draw attention to two information processing systems the human brain draws on, and how/when they intersect.  The material in these complimentary pages on Emotional Intelligence meets two objectives. The first is raise public awareness to the huge influence emotions play in perception, judgment and decision making. The second is to provide advance information for self-reflection by people participating in our investigator’s training and Emotional Intelligence Workshops where participants learn how to apply emotional intelligence.

To view PEd2, go to this link: IQ/SQ The Two Intelligences and then click on 1. The Science of Affect