tranzform vision

Like-minded communities of people, leaders and organizations working in teams to transform culture, practices and use of technology in order to adpat to a fast-paced, constantly changing world

tranzform objectives

Transformation begins by shifting from reactive, business-as-usual environments with a declaration about a different future Рa future that shifts from reaction to designed.  We accomplish this with search conferencing sharing stories to generate the social cohesion and personal insights necessary for advocating social change

With planning-in-action our communities:

  • Build community platforms of owned, paid and earned properties supported by emerging social technologies
  • Ensure our tranzform community is exposed to and educated in new content for transforming business and in personal growth
  • Build networks of executives, leaders, organizational teams, thought leaders, journalists, analysts and key bloggers
  • Build channels of distribution for promoting the tranzform community and content
  • Provide a framework for sustained community engagement.

tranzform focus

1. Content to Community

Publish content on a regular basis

  • Connect people to content through social media, articles, publications, case studies, blog submissions.

2. Promote active participation within the community

  • Connect people to people
  • Create a global community, awareness and presence.

tranzform core contributors

Core Contributor publish content weekly:

Joel Alleyne

David Boland

Norm Dash

Brian Davis

David Feldt

Robert ‘Bob’ Logan

John Lyons

Martin Magdinier

Rene Royer

Gregory Saville