Ethical Practices in Investigative Interviewing

This advanced course is ideal for the health and the property and casualty insurance sectors making business decisions based on identification and other documents presented by clients. Participants learn how to conduct an interview in a dignified, way while obtaining all information accurately and completely that is necessary for making sound business decisions.

Who Should Attend

This course is for government inspectors, regulators, insurance adjusters and inquiries officers handling concerns escalated by the front line employee/information gatherers for more in-depth review. It also offers advanced skill support for independent financial services professionals servicing the insurance industry, who have taken Information Gathering for Professionals and Reliability Assessment for Professionals

Course Content

  • The threats posed from dependency on ID and other Documents to do business with people
  • Historical and current practices in affirming validity and statement analysis
  • Criteria based content analysis, and reality monitoring
  • Exercises, video, and practical analysis of statement content
  • Methods of conversation management, and
  • The PEACE interviewing model (Preparing and planning; Engage and explain; Account, Clarify and challenge, closure & Evaluation)

The PEACE Model was developed collaboratively in the early 1990’s by police and psychologists in England and Wales. It was conceived as a way to stem the proliferation of false confessions that were resulting from an accusatory style of interviewing.

Instructor:           Dana (Rick) Rodden, The Meta Centre, Vancouver 

Type:                      Skills Training
Duration:              3 days
Cost/Times:          For more information on pricing, dates and enrolment contact Dana @

                                Email:         Phone: 778-997-1755