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1468584295The ATRiM Group was established as a terror and other crime risk assessment services for critical infrastructure based in prevention science. Training for mitigating false personation and identity fraud threats is the result of research into the security gaps resulting from security-trade offs made in government identification issuing and the residual threats from confusion about what different classes of identification mean. An identification document may be genuine, but how do you know it legitimately obtained and not by fraud? Is the identification a counterfeit? Was it legitimately obtained in the first instance and now in the wrong hands?
tranzform-security is a division on the this learning management system platform hosted by the ATRiM Group for training offered by like-minded security professionals. We strive to keep pace with insights from behavioral economics, psychology, neuroscience, human evolutionary biology, social physics, situational crime prevention science and other social sciences standing conventional physical security and occupational fraud/theft/corruption controls on it’s head.


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