AdvanceGuard Frontline: Reliable Response Assessment© is a forty-five minute introductory course.

AdvanceGuard Frontline: Effective Information Gathering© is a prerequisite for this course. 

Employees who take this training:

  • screen people for physical access to critical infrastructure
  • quality people for a service (i.e. bank account, property & casualty insurance)
  • quality applicants for a privilege (i.e. a driver’s licence)
  • approve entitlement to benefit (i.e. social security number, health care)

About Reliable Response Assessment 

Most people are who they say they are. They reside where they say they reside. They are entitled to, or quality for, that which they seek. The challenge is separating the mostly honest people from a small group of predators intent deceiving critical infrastructure.

In this online course, students learn:

  • to begin every business transaction with total belief in what an applicant/interviewee is telling them as countermeasure to implicit bias
  • to listen for how things are said (context) – the structure of the language – as interviewees respond to questions
  • specific “rules of thumb” for applying response reliable response assessment
  • verbal “red flags” requiring further explanation
  • how to give every applicant a chance to tell the truth before escalating concerns for more in-depth review

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