AdvanceGuard Frontline: Reliable Response  Assessment© is a forty-five minute SCORM complaint, introductory level course for employees who rely on ID and other Documents to affirm the declarations and statements applicant/interviewee’s make.

Effective Information Gathering© is a prerequisite for this course. 

Employees who take this training:

  • screen people for physical access to critical infrastructure
  • quality people for a service (i.e. bank account, property & casualty insurance)
  • processing applicants for a privilege (i.e. a driver’s licence)
  • approve entitlement to benefit (i.e. social security number, health care)

More About Frontline Reliable Response Assessment 

Most people are who they say they are, reside where they say they reside and are entitled to , or quality for, that which they seek. The challenge is always separating the mostly honest people from a small group of deceptive wrong-doers intent on illegitimately or fraudulently gaining physical access to critical infrastructure, or to obtain access to services, privileges and benefits.

The way we listen to our family, friends and colleagues in social conversation – listening to what people say ( the content) – is inadequate for identifying red flag verbal cues that ought to raise concerns.

In this online course, employees learn:

  • to switch listening for how things are said (context) as applicant/interviewees respond to questions
  • to begin every business encounter with total belief in what an applicant/interviewee is telling them
  • specific “rules of thumb” for applying reliability assessment
  • verbal “red flags” requiring further explanation
  • how to give every applicant a chance to tell the truth before escalating concerns for more in-depth review


Contact us for per employee pricing quotes. Quotes consider the number of outlets and employees. Pricing considers the higher turn-over rates in frontline junior employee positions.

Beyond Initial Frontline Training

We deliver on a train the trainers program (supervisors, trainers, auditors and investigators) which transfers advanced know how in interviewing, declaration and statement content analysis and emotions affecting perception, intuition, judgment and complex decision making.

About ATRiM Group Consulting

The ATRiM Group is a crime prevention science service specializing in terror threat risk assessment for critical infrastructure and prevention science methods for reducing the threats posed by occupational fraud, theft, corruption, workplace sabotage and, in the extreme, workplace violence.

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