Level 2 Security e-learning training 

ATRiM Professional: Reliable Response Assessment (RRA_Prof) is a a multi-hour, multi-module course is designed for supervisor/trainer’s of frontline graduates of Level 1 ATRiM Frontline and independent professionals serving critical infrastructure (CI). It is designed to mitigate the threats posed from dependency on identification and other types of attestation documents to make business decisions about: i)  granting physical accesses to critical infrastructure complexes and/or to  ii) privileges, benefits and services CI delivers.

This course includes a complimentary manual, and in service webinars leading to certification.

     Prerequisite: ATRiM Professional: Effective Information Gathering for Professionals© (IG_Prof)

Most people are who they say they are. They reside where they say they reside. They are entitled to, or quality for, that which they seek. The challenge for professionals is separating the mostly honest people served, from a small group of deceptive people intent on fraudulently gaining physical access to critical infrastructure, or to obtain access to services, privileges and benefits offered by critical infrastructure.

In this online course, learn:

  • to begin every business encounter with total belief in what an applicant/interviewee is telling you
  • to switch your listening from what is said (content) to how things are said (context) in responses to your questions
  • rules of thumb” for applying reliability assessment
  • verbal “red flags” requiring further explanation
  • how to give every applicant a chance to tell the truth before escalating concerns for more in-depth review

Examples of who should take this course

  • trainers and supervisors overseeing the implementation of the information gathering skills and reliability assessment tools introduced in Level 1 front line employee training
  • independent professionals screening people for access access to benefits, privileges and services
  • claims adjusters
  • paralegals
  • others depending on identification of other documents to do business with people where a security breach has serious consequences

These courses will take on average of four to six five (6-8) hours each to complete, depending on the level of participant effort 


Retail Price 

  • $495
  • 25% discount when registering with the for the ATRiM Professional: Effective Information Gathering for professionals (IG_Prof)

About ATRiM Group  

The ATRiM Group is a crime prevention science service specializing in terror threat risk assessment and security solutions for critical infrastructure

For more information on this course, please contact the ATRiM Group at the link below:

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