Information Gathering  for Professionals© (IG_Prof) is a Level 2, online, self-directed learning course. for supervisors of employees introduced to AdvanceGuard Frontline and independent professionals relying on ID and other documents to make business decisions.

 In addition to the hows introduced in AdvancedGuard Frontline Level 1 courses, participants in professional courses learn the whys, including:

  • research on affect (psych) – how emotions shape perception,  and inform intuition, judgment and complex decision making
  • behavioral science on how people behave under uncertainty
  • crime prevention science

For a general overview of course objectives, refer to AdvanceGuard Frontline: Effective Information Gathering training.

Examples of who should take this course

  • trainers and supervisors overseeing the implementation of the information gathering and reliability assessment introduced in Level 1 online employee training
  • independent professionals contracted by organizations who screen people for access access to benefits, privileges and services
  • claims adjusters
  • paralegals
  • auditors, inquiries officers and internal investigators preparing for Level 3

These courses will take on average of four to six (4- 6) hours each to complete, depending on the level of the students’ effort 


Retail Price 

  • $479
  • 25% discount with registration for both courses

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Corporate Accounts 

Contact us for discount quotes on for multiple-employees and outlets. Our consultants assist corporate clients draft and implement an information gathering plan particular to their information gathering needs. 

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