Information Gathering  for Professionals© (IG_Prof) 

This Level 2, multi-hour, online course is designed for independent professionals serving critical infrastructure, and who must depend on identification and other types of attestation documents to make business decisions about: i)  granting physical accesses to critical infrastructure complexes and/or ii) to privileges, benefits and services provided

This course is included as part of the ATRiM Group “train the trainers” strategy for transferring know how in AdvanceGuard Frontline pose course skills development to our corporate clients.

This course includes a complimentary manual, and to-the-demand in service webinar advanced training.

Students taking this course learn: 

  • to manage there nonverbal and verbal behavior for assessing the behavior of people responding to them as persons with authority to gather information
  • science on human behavior and prevention insights that factor into the training
  • the influence of affect (emotions) on their perception and judgment
  • where to self-test for their emotional style and the significance to their lives and career in being emotionally intelligence

Students also learn how to: 

  • prepare an information gathering plan and why it is important to stick to it 
  •  communicate vigilance as a means to deter some attacks before they occur
  • gather information in ‘pure version’ (the applicant’s own words) without interruption or influence
  • deal with resistance and avoidance in order to get all information you need to make decisions
  • clarify ambiguous phrases and terms used in responses to their questions
  • transition to an interview when necessary  in order to obtain additional information when they have concerns
  • give the interviewee a chance to tell the truth, before escalation concerns for more in-depth review

…and more

Examples of who should take this course?

  • trainers and supervisors overseeing the skills development of front line employees taking AdvanceGuard Frontline, online training
  • independent professionals contracted by organizations to screen and qualify people for access to benefits, privileges and services
  • claims adjusters
  • paralegals
  • internal auditors, inquiries officers and investigators preparing for Level 3 in-room advanced interviewing workshops

This course will take on average of four to six (4- 6) hours to complete, contingent upon the amount of personal course taker effort 


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