Level 1 ATRiM Frontline Security e-learning  

This training is uniquely designed for frontline  mitigation of security threats posed at the point-of-contact from: i) fraudulently acquired, forged and stolen/loaned identification in the wrong hands, and ii) other bogus attestation documents used in an action intended to deceive.

ATRiM Frontline: Introduction to Effective Information Gathering is an online course for security and front line employees, who:

  • rely on identification and other attestation documents to affirm people are who they say they are and that they reside where they say the reside
  • require full disclosure from applicants seeking physical access to critical infrastructure; or to the privileges, benefits and services offered by critical infrastructure, in order to make business decisions about people the organization doesn’t know.

Employees and security who take this introductory training: 

  • screen people for physical access to critical infrastructure
  • qualify people for a service  (i.e. bank accounts, lines of credit)
  • approve entitlement to a benefit (i.e. social security number, Medicare, bank account, loans)
  • register people for a privilege  (i.e. driver’s license)

Learning Objectives

Front line participants taking this training learn: 

  • specific threats posed from dependency on identification and other documents to do business with people
  • how to use their nonverbal and verbal behavior as a baseline for observing the behavior others responding to them as persons with authority
  • to adhere to an information gathering plan
  • to gather all information need in the applicant’s own words, without interruption or influence
  • techniques for dealing with resistance and avoidance 
  • how to transition to an interview in order to obtain additional information not easily forthcoming

…and more

The course is a prerequisite for the companion course, Reliable Response Assessment©

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