AdvanceGuard Frontline: Effective Information Gathering is a SCORM compliant, online course for security guards and customer service employees who:

  • rely on ID and other documents to affirm people are who they say they are and that they are entitled to, or qualify for, that which they seek
  • require full disclosure by applicant/interviewee’s, and
  • form time sensitive judgments and make decisions based on behavior and the statements/declarations people make to them

The AdvanceGuard Frontline strategy is uniquely designed to deal with security threats posed from fraudulently acquired, forged and stolen/loaned documents in the wrong hands.

Employees who take this training: 

  • screen people for physical access to critical infrastructure
  • qualify people for a service  (i.e. bank accounts, lines of credit)
  • approve entitlement to a benefit (i.e. social security number, Medicare, bank account, loans)
  • register people for a privilege  (i.e. driver’s license)

More About Effective Information Gathering 

Organizations depend on front line employees employees to obtain complete and accurate information.

How questions are posed and the order in which they are posed effects ability to get all information required to make decisions and ability to assess the reliability of the declarations and statements made in response to questions.

Security guards and customer service employees learn to communicate vigilance, preventing some harms before they occur. They learn to manage their own behavior  (nonverbal and verbal) in order to position themselves for identifying outlier behaviors of applicant/interviewees. They learn to assure the flow of information from the interviewee to them, the interviewer.

Security guards and customer service employees also learn:

  • the importance of adhering to an information gathering plan
  • to gather information in the applicant’s own words without interruption or influence
  • how to deal with resistance and avoidance to get all information they need to make decisions
  • to clarify ambiguous words and terms used by applicant/interviewees to avoid a lie
  • how to transition to an interview when necessary  in order to obtain additional information not easily forthcoming

…and more

The course is a prerequisite for the companion AdvanceGuard Frontline: Reliable Response Assessment©

Price Quotes

Contact us for price quotes on training multiple employees and for multiple outlets. Our pricing and training strategy factors  higher turnover rates of frontline employees moving up to more senior positions, or moving on to other employment opportunities.

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