Modern Surveillance

Bruce Schneier is a security savant – at least in my opinion – who puts deep though into security and people. He has been writing a monthly security newsletter 1998, and has maintained a highly informative blog since 1998. He is the author of many books, ranging from cryptography engineering, to exploring trust and cooperation as the glue that holds societies together.

Mr. Schneier recently wrote a post on a move to ban facial recognition cameras and software in public places. He reflects on this and frames it withing the context of whole of modern surveillance in its many forms and aggregations to treat people differently.

Schneier’s thoughts are posted in their entirety. It is too comprehensive to summarized. Most directly related my interests at the ATRiM Group, is how significantly aggregation and brokerage of information increases the risks to critical infrastructure from dependency on identification and other documents to make business decisions. I think massive aggregation of data, the theft and brokerage of this information, and urbanization resulting in doing business with people we don’t personally know has created the perfect storm for predators.

Concerns about false personation and synthetic identity fraud range from security guards screening for physical access to nuclear facilities, to financial services companies opening new accounts and processing mortgage applications, to the issuing of health identification tokens which provide unlimited access to public health care:

We’re Banning Facial Recognition. We’re Missing the Point.



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