AdvanceGuard© Online

iStock_000009314958XSmall[1]• AdvanceGuard Interviewing Course (AGIC)

This three-hour online certificate course  introduces communicating a message of vigilance to prevent false personation, identity and other document-based harms (i.e. mortgage fraud) before they occur, how to behave in order to identify concerning nonverbal cues of others, how to establish the flow of information from the interviewee to you the interviewer, and how to deal with resistance in getting the information you need to make decisions in a work safe environment  [ Read more ]

• AdvanceGuard Reliability Assessment Course (AGRAC)

In this three-hour online course you learn to listen to context (how things are being said) over content (what is being said). Learn rules for assessing the reliability of what people are telling you and identifying tell-tale signs of deception in verbal communication [ Read more ]

In-room Workshops & Seminars

• Advanced Investigative Interviewing

This 3-day comprehensive course combines ethical interviewing practices and statement profiling. This training is in harmony with interviewing and reliability assessment basics offered by AdvanceGuard© online training [ Read more ]

• Behavioral and Crime Prevention Science Seminar

A one day action-planning session is for risk managers, security consultants, and loss reduction professionals. The seminar introduces behavioral insights and crime prevention science and facilitates the exchange of ideas on enhancing strategies for reducing the threats posed to critical infrastructure by occupational fraud, theft, corruption, workplace sabotage and workplace violence [ Read more ]

• Level 1 Emotional Intelligence (EI) Skills Mastery Course

A two day course EI professional development training and assessment tools improving participants’ skills in emotional intelligence competencies. These competencies include enhanced listening skills, self-awareness, conflict management, and self-control [ Read more ]

• Level 2 Emotional Intelligence Skills Mastery Course

A five day advanced and intensive professional development training program for leaders, decision-makers, senior staff, and change agents seeking to cultivate a high level of EQ (measured emotional Intelligence) mastery [ Read more ]

Why ATRiM Group?

1468584295Over the years of training corporate and regulatory agencies in advanced investigative techniques, glaring deficiencies repeatedly surfaced; intake information was either insufficient or riddled with unnoticed red flags, often compromising the integrity of the organization at the outset, with damaging outcome
Including front line personnel in investigative interviewing training has been, most often, cost ineffective.
Cost effective, AdvanceGuard© provides the basic skills necessary for entry level assessment of applicants and claimants. AdvanceGuard© is not intended to turn applicants into suspects, rather to insure that adequate detail is obtained, and where necessary incongruencies highlighted for more in-depth review
Advanced Guard© is an essential tool for any front line staff and an entry level to ethical practices in interviewing”
Dana Rodden
The MetaCentre


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