Organizational Design from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age

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As the Information Age continues to evolve at a rapid rate, businesses are finding it challenging to compete in their marketplace.  New technologies, global markets, demanding customers, disengaged employees and aggressive competitors are placing unprecedented pressure on many companies, who must now rethink the way they do business.  In order to be successful within the current economy, businesses must ensure that the collective efforts of their workforce are aligned with their strategies, goals and principles.  More importantly, companies must transform their business into a Digital Firm (Industrial Economy → Digital Economy).  Where business processes, information, technology and relationships with customers, suppliers and employees are digitally enabled and key corporate assets are managed through digital means.

 4 Fundamental Elements for Organization Design

  • Empowers the capabilities of your people.
  • Enhance collaboration, communication and management amongst workforce.
  • Develop efficient digital business systems and programs.
  • Design an effective, agile and sustainable organizational structure.
  • Establish a supportive work culture.

 Organization Design transforms complex enterprise ecosystems into flexible, agile and sustainable organizations that can respond and pivot to external and internal developments and achieve success.


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There is a lot competition in the market for each field and therefore surviving is really very important and doing business in such situation is even more important. Things are going to be more difficult in coming years.

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I totally agree with this article here. Businesses are indeed finding it difficult to compete with each other and trying to find out more solutions to be successful.