Welcome to tranzform

tranzform is a not-for-profit education, training and networking platform consultants and other stakeholders keeping pace with change.

Keeping on top of new science, technology and constant change is tough. We are committed to the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge, which give rise to a a new generation of education and skills training meeting today’s reality of workplaces in transition.

To this end, we assist individuals and organizations generate fundamental shifts in mind-set, values, organizational culture, and business practice. We are active across industrial sectors and, professions, and we engage with like-minded subject matter experts.

Our tools

We offer:

  1. Search Conferences creating shared purpose, alignment and engagement around a launch plan for bringing about change;
  2. Technologies, behavioral and prevention science for evidence-based solutions to situational threats and security problems;  
  3. Training and development combining on-line learning with advanced workshops for skills development and retention;
  4. Support for the building and sustaining networks of like-minded consultancy leaders and teams exchanges ideas and best practices [Read more about tranzform]

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What You Should Know About Your Dependency on Identification
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AdvanceGuard Information Gathering©  and AdvanceGuard Reliability Assessment©
Online training for front-line employees requiring full disclosure, and who must rely on ID and other documents to affirm the reliability of what people are telling them…
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Featured Contributor:
Martin Sumner-Smith, PhD 
Senior advisor with MaRS Health Venture Services. Originally trained as a molecular biologist, he worked in the biotechnology industry, and later in bioinformatics and enterprise software…
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