Our focus

  1. Conferencing:  We create shared purpose, engagement and adaptibility through continuous learning in organizations
  2. Content transfer: We introduce science and new technologies to government and business through social media, articles, publications, case studies and blogging
  3. Skills Development: We teach how to apply science and new technology through adult learning on-line training, seminars, and action planning workshops
  4. Networking: We specialize in building and sustaining networks of social transformation-minded executives, leaders and teams [Read more about tranzform]

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AdvanceGuard Information Gathering and AdvanceGuard Reliability Assessment training for front-line agents and employees relying on ID and Other Documents to affirm the declarations and statements people make… [Find out more here.]

Featured Contributor
Martin Sumner-Smith, PhD 
Senior advisor with MaRS Health Venture Services. Originally trained as a molecular biologist, he worked in the biotechnology industry, and later in bioinformatics and enterprise software… [Read his Enterprise Content Management and Technology articles here.]