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Tranzform is a not-for-profit platform for leaders, teams and stakeholders to exchange ideas, to transfer knowledge and to develop skills which will bring about fundamental shifts of value, culture, and practice for sustaining competitiveness in your economic sector

Tranzform tools:

  1. Search Conferences:  Creating shared purpose, engagement and a strategy to adapt new insights
  2. Knowledge transfer: Timely introduction of new science and technologies to support business tranformation in fast-paced, every changing evironments  
  3. Skills Development: Introducing skills to apply new knowledge through on-line training, seminars, and planning-in-action workshops
  4. Networking: Building and sustaining networks of social transformation-minded executives, leaders and teams [Read more about tranzform]

Featured Post:
Design Thinking: a foundation for Business Innovation
“Innovate or Die” is a popular expression among thought leaders to describe the economic and cultural climate we now do business in.  Technology’s impact on people and business… [ Read the article here. ]

AdvanceGuard Information Gathering©    and AdvanceGuard Reliability Assessment©
Online training for professionals and front-line employees requiring full disclosure and who rely on ID and other documents to affirm the reliability of what people are telling them…
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Featured Contributor:
Martin Sumner-Smith, PhD 
Senior advisor with MaRS Health Venture Services. Originally trained as a molecular biologist, he worked in the biotechnology industry, and later in bioinformatics and enterprise software…
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