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To this end we are working to build a network of executives, leaders, organizational teams, thought leaders, journalists, analysts and key bloggers… [Read more about Tranzform]

Featured Post
Design Thinking: a foundation for Business Innovation
“Innovate or Die” is a popular expression among thought leaders to describe the economic and cultural climate we now do business in.  Technology’s impact on people and business…  [Read the article here.]
Featured Course
Point-of-Service Information Gathering (PoSIGC).
Learn how to assess people and their identification to verify that they are who they say they are. If you rely on ID to establish if someone is who they say they are, documents to affirm whether or not someone resides where they say they reside… [Find out more here.]
Featured Contributor
Martin Sumner-Smith, PhD
Senior advisor with MaRS Health Venture Services. Originally trained as a molecular biologist, he worked in the biotechnology industry, and later in bioinformatics and enterprise software… [Read his Enterprise Content Management and Technology articles here.]